What you can expect

Complete and Thorough Home Inspection

An Oklahoma certified licensed Home Inspector performs an unbiased comprehensive, detailed visual inspection of the home's interior and exterior systems and components, from the roof to the foundation. We conduct our inspections in accordance with the Oklahoma Standards of Workmanship and Practice and InterNACHI’s Home Inspection Standards of Practice 

Time Allotted for the Inspection

Home Inspections take about 1.5 to 3 hours to perform, depending on the size of the home. Morton Home Inspections will be utilizing a iPhone and camera during the  inspection process to minimize time as much as possible. All clients and their agents have the choice to join the inspector in the walk around for a comprehensive understanding of the findings or join the inspector for a review following the inspection. We ask that you make notes during the walk around for questions or concerns for the review time instead of during the inspection. This maximizes time for you, the client and agent and also insures that I provide excellent services. During the walk around I'll be sharing briefly what we are inspecting.

Purpose of the Inspection

The purpose of a Home Inspection is to determine the overall general condition, details and possible areas of concern that may need to be addressed prior to purchasing. Some areas will not be visible and will be noted in the inspection as so. Unfortunately inspectors aren't Supermen with x-ray vision, however we will do our best on giving clear recommendations in the event we see evidence of possible hidden deficiencies.


A detailed written online report with descriptions and pictures will be emailed to the client and/or agent within 24 hours after the inspection. This written report is to help further the understanding of the property's characteristics and overall condition for future reference. To view a full sample report, click here.

Peace of Mind

Our main desire is to give our clients the peace of mind they need when taking this fun and exciting step in a home purchase. We want our clients to ask as many questions as needed. If we can't answer in the moment, we will make sure to find the answer before the day is done. Also please check out our Buy Back Guarantee Program.  All our clients will be enrolled in the Buy Back Programs as a gift for using MHI.


Another equally important desire is the safety and concern of our families. We pride ourselves on taking the most serious approach when a discovered home issue can cause harm to the home owner, our clients and possibly even the neighbors. In other words, when you chose Morton Home Inspections you are in safe hands. 

For Realtors

We pride ourselves on protecting your livelihood. We respect the Real Estate profession and our relationships with our realtors and brokers. Please enroll for our free $10,000 Honor Guarantee

Certifications acquired through home inspector training from InterNACHI